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Frutiger was created by Swiss type designer Adrian Frutiger after being commissioned in 1968 to implement a new directional sign system for the newly built Charles de Gaulle international airport in Roissy, France. The typeface, originally called Roissy, was completed in 1975 and installed at the airport the same year.

Frutiger has been used extensively by the UK’s National Health Service, British Royal Navy, American Airlines, Deutsche Post, Ericsson and RadioShack among others.

You can also find it on road signs in Switzerland and across the public transport network in Oslo, Norway. At one point it was the fifth best-selling typeface of the Linotype foundry.

Fonts play a huge role in determining the look of a logo, document or website. At FX-PM we can help you make the right choice for all of your graphic design needs.

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