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An iconic typeface which was originally created by German typographer Paul Renner in 1927. Throughout the years, Futura has made appearances everywhere from Nazi propaganda to fashion and automotive brands. It was even the first font to go to the Moon during the Apollo 11 mission.

Featuring a great range of weights and styles, Futura has been used extensively in advertising and logos including Absolut Vodka, Domino’s Pizza, Nike, Volkswagen and IKEA (before it re-branded in 2010).

Film titles such as “2001: A Space Odyssey”, “American Beauty”, “Gravity” and “Interstellar” also used Futura on their theatrical release posters.

Fonts play a huge role in determining the look of a logo, document or website. At FX-PM we can help you make the right choice for all of your graphic design needs.

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