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This rather controversial typeface was originally created for Microsoft by Matthew Carter and Tom Rickner, primarily to be readable at small sizes on low-resolution monitor screens. Since 1996 it has been included in all versions of Windows, Office and Internet Explorer.

Up until 2014, PayPal’s logo was based on Verdana.

Verdana’s primary reputation as a screen font drastically changed in 2009 when IKEA decided to unify branding between its print and digital media, and changed the typeface used in its catalogue from Futura to Verdana. At the time, the New York Times called the change “so offensive it seems like a slap at the principles of design by a company that has been hailed for its adherence to them.”

Fonts play a huge role in determining the look of a logo, document or website. At FX-PM we can help you make the right choice for all of your graphic design needs.

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